Christian P. Beyer
Artdirector and Photographer

beauty skin

Black and white photos with Chris against a neutral background and natural light. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make great photos.

neon lights

Normally I use colours discreetly. But from now on I love neon light. I love the strong complimentary colours and how they play with the face. It’s a bit sci-fi, cyber or 80s synth.

dark shadow

A project with Vivién where I wanted to work a lot with dark shadows. The results are really strong and cool portraits.

shadow mesh

Chris‘ face is perfect for close portrait photos. The full lips and strong eyes captivate viewers. The spontaneous idea of covering the face with a mesh creates a great structure and covers the beauty without hiding it.


Summer solstice is known in Sweden as the longest day and the most magical night of the year. As close to nature and magical as this day, the photos with Sandra have become. Sandra is the young sun fairy of the summer.

Make-Up Artist: Annett Anders

ginger in suit

A suit, an industrial site, the afternoon sun, a bearded man and an old car: perfect match!

black raven

Suitable for the stage and perfect for a magazine cover. The idea was a strong and mysterious raven. The result was a whole series of photos.

canadian ginger

Welcome to Canada, where the pretty redheads grow on the maple trees.

young goddess

Sarah is not Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love, but her curls and dancing movements brings a great heavenly mood to the photos.

maze runner

Maze gardens are usually a bit creepy and scary. But the high hedges are just as suitable for a sensual photo shoot. Because with a great model, a maze can also look light and innocent.

trough the forest

Photo shoots in densely overgrown forests always have a mystical vibe. It’s a bit unreal how massive nature can be. Doing nude photography like this in such an environment is a real joy. The photos look so much lighter and more sensual. The forests of Saxon Switzerland in eastern Germany are perfect for this.


„Diamonds are the girl best friend.“ But faces are also unique and dazzling gems. Patricia’s full lips and brown eyes worked great with the make up. Great images for a commercial cover. Thanks for the cooperation to the wonderful hair and make up artist Annett Anders.

look at me

You don’t always need the brightest studio lights to take great photos. Sometimes indirect light is enough to create great shadow and light plays. I love the dark shadows on the skin, where the colored highlights create a contour.

with(out) denim

Jeans are one of the classic outfits for photo shoots. Sometimes, that’s the only thing a model has to wear to get great photos. Of course, good photos are also created without jeans. If you know what I mean.

check in

Studio photos are great. But more exciting are locations like hotels, so you have to work with the space you’re given. In this hotel room so great and sensual portrait photos with Eric were created.


Cinderella have to do a lot to attend the night ball once. Just to meet a guy. My opinion: So much effort, no guy deserves. Women are strong enough without a prince. Especially Marlene! She is not only a fabulous, but also incredibly strong and great woman and actress. Thanks for the cooperation to hair and make up artist Alexandra Cowling.

redhead industry

A ginger fits perfectly to a rusty industrial area with bricks and old containers, as if he was made for it. A great way to create business portrait.

spirit of the forest

Nature and nude photography have such a unique and natural connection. When the male model still starts dancing, it’s like taking photos of a fairy or a forest spirit.

nature boy

A shirt and jeans and not special, but ideal for classic portrait photos and set cards. So the eye is focused only on the model and not on the outfit.

irish cave

Great photoshoot at the entrance of a stone cave. The sparse light cast many shadows on the face and create a strong and detailed expression. I love the skin and shadow texture of the portrait shot.

born in nature

What if men were created in nature. Like flowers or trees?

pure skin

Patricia’s face is a great canvas for natural but strong makeup. The photos are great commercial work for smokey eyes. Thanks for the cooperation to the wonderful hair and make up artist Annett Anders.

raining man

Photos with water are also possible indoors. In a hotel for example.

voque face

Martin, one of my favorite models, has the perfect face for portrait and cover photos. I supported the great face shape with geometric shapes and used different plate of cardboard in front of his face.