Christian P. Beyer
Artdirector and Photographer

beauty skin

Male portraits in black and white are so full of passion and intensity.

neon lights

Lights on! New colors new dimensions.

dark shadow

Strong shadows. Strong portraits. Big contrasts make faces and bodies look so much deeper.

shadow mesh

Captured beauty in black and white. A face what you should not hide.


The magical light of the summer solstice.

ginger in suit

Photoshoot with the model Clemens and a vintage car.

black raven

What a fashion bird. Black feathers for a golden look.

canadian ginger

Canadian maple and red hot men fit together perfectly. A combination as nature intended.

young goddess

She is not a Greek goddess, but divine.

maze runner

Between tall hedges and colorful flowers. Do you want to go to the maze?

trough the forest

In the dense forest under towering trees. The mysterious nature and "Adam".


Faces can shine like rare gems.

look at me

Red light! Sinful sensuality and a strong eye contact.

with(out) denim

Sometimes you only need a pair of jeans for good portrait photos.

check in

Let's go to bed! The other way to take interesting hotel photos.


The fairy tale princess and the castle. Meet a wonderful actress.

redhead industry

Industrial sites are the best backdrop for business portraits.

spirit of the forest

The wood nymphs of Greek mythology can also be male.

nature boy

Classic setcard photos in nature.

irish cave

Visit the man in the stone cave.

born in nature

Completely natural and close to nature with one of my favourite models Martin.

pure skin

Skin can be like a canvas.

raining man

It's time for a cold shower.

voque face

A face with shapes.