Christian P. Beyer
Artdirector and Photographer

Christian P. Beyer

Born and raised in the deep green forests of East Germany, Christian Peter Beyer has been fascinated by graphic art and photography since his youth.

Inspired by his Polish grandfather, who was a musician and painter, Christian sought his path in the visual arts at an early age. Driven by a very unique view of the world, he quickly found photography and graphics to be an expressive outlet and discovered ways to bring together the great loves of his life: Design, aesthetic perfection and great photography.

After his college years and first experiences with advertising agencies, he quickly found access to architects and artists working all over Europe.

A wonderful collaboration. Creative and always an open ear for special wishes.
Annett Anders - Makeup Artist
Self Portrait

Christian P. Beyer works as an art director, graphic designer, illustrator and freelance photographer in Dresden. He is considered a minimalist and nature-loving artist. His work is known as a composition of timeless elegance and rough perfection with a special eye for details.

In photography, his work focuses on people, portrait and architectural photography. In his personal photo projects, Christian has been dedicated to the genre MaleArt for many years.

Human faces are unique. Just like the characters and expressions of people, whose uniqueness and individual beauty he tries to capture. Forever frozen in time. His projects are characterized by love, passion and a bit of megalomania.

Christian Peter Beyer’s private life is a combination of exquisite green tea, a mystery novel and good film music.

Christian Peter Beyer | Artdirector and Photographer
Christian is an outstanding designer and artist who knows how to combine usability and visual appeal like no other.
Steve Brauer - Developer & Online Marketing Manager